New Canadian Global Music Orchestra

Koerner Hall, Royal Conservatory of Music, 273 Bloor St West, Toronto, ON

The Royal Conservatory is bringing together professional musicians from all over the world, all of whom now live in Canada, to create the New Canadian Global Music Orchestra:

  • Padideh Ahrarnejad (Iran) on tar
  • Sasha Boychouk (Ukraine) on woodwinds and ethnic Ukrainian flutes
  • Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk (Canada – Métis) on violin, viola, jaw harp, spoons, and vocals
  • Luis Deniz (Cuba) on saxophone
  • Anwar Khurshid (Pakistan) on sitar, flute, esraj, tabla, vocals, and harmonium
  • Lasso (Salif Sanou) (Burkina Faso) on Fulani flute, kambélé n’goni, tamanin (talking drum), balafon, djembe, doum-doum, and vocals
  • Paco Luviano (Mexico) on bass
  • Aline Morales (Brazil) on Brazilian percussion and vocals
  • Demetrios Petsalakis (Greece) on oud, guitar, lyra, bouzouki, riq, and Greek baglama
  • Matias Recharte (Peru) on drums, percussion, cajón, conga, and timbales
  • Dorjee Tsering (Tibet) on dranyen, flute, piwang, yang chin (dulcimer), and traditional Tibetan vocals
  • Dora Wang (China) on bamboo flute, flute, hulusi, xiao, panpipe, and ocarina
  • David Buchbinder, Artistic Director