Artist Bio - Solo

BIO: Anwar Khurshid's musical journey on the sitar as a composer and performer has spanned decades of learning in the tradition of Indian Classical Music.  Making innovation and creativity his hallmark, Anwar has engaged in unique collaborations with musicians from other genres including Blues with Paul Deslauriers, Jazz with Bruce Cassidy, Flamenco and Cuban Jazz with Sultans of String, African music with Waleed Kush, World Music with Avani as well as Middle Eastern, Japanese and Chinese music.  Through these innovative genres-hopping collaborations, Anwar's music transcends categorization! 

Besides providing music for Hollywood and Bollywood films like the Oscar-winning "Life of Pi", Love Guru and Kamasutra, Anwar has received international acclaim performing in USA, Canada, UK, Turkey, India and Pakistan. 

SHORT BIO: Anwar Khurshid's music has been featured in Oscar-winning film Life of Pi as well as Kama Sutra besides performances in Europe, North America and Asia. Performing with musicians from other genres including Blues, Jazz, African, Middle Eastern and Chinese, Anwar's innovative collaborations create music transcending categorization!